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Automatic Knives

Half Breed Auto

Half Breed Automatic Knives NEW!

Ever since the introduction of our first 2" Blade RUNT auto knife, customers have asked, "Why doesn't someone make one of these 2" Blade knives with a larger handle that you can really hold onto?"



Les George ROCKEYE Auto KnivesRock Solid Design - Awesome Spring Action!



Dark Angel

Awesome single action Out The Front automatic knife!

SPRINT - our newest 2" Auto Folder.

Thin, lightweight, and lightening quick auto action!

SKULL Custom and Limited Edition Knives

SKULL Custom and Limited Edition Knives

SKULL Custom and Limited Edition Knives

CQC7 "A" Spear Point

CQC7 "A" Spear Point

CQC7 "A" Spear Point

The Original EMERSON CQC7 Chisel Tanto in a Pro-Tech Producted AUTOMATIC KNIFE - exact Emerson Specs!

TR-4: Tactical Response 4


TR-3: Tactical Response 3

TR-2 & TR-1: Tactical Response - UPDATED!

Back and better than EVER! Newly re-designed TR-1 (Tanto Blade) and TR-2 (Spear Point Blade) series has diamond knurling patches on the frame for superior grip at every angle. Superior Coil Spring action – HOLD ON TIGHT!!!

Each TR-1 and TR-2 features a sturdy pocket clip on the back side (tip up carry).



This awesome 4" blade auto knife represents the influence of original Italian "Stilletto" style auto knife and Pro-Tech's modern coil spring precision. The Godfather production auto knives feature T6-6061 aluminum handles that are machined from solid black stock. Production Godfather blades are four inches in length and generally 154-CM stainless steel that are heat treated to 59RC. There are many different handle colors, blade finishes, and inlay materials available. The following are just a few examples. Contact your local Pro-Tech dealer to find out what exciting variations are in stock! No matter which Godfather variation you choose, you will enjoy its combination of unequaled style and quality.

Custom Godfather

Simply our finest. The Pro-Tech Custom Titanium Series represent the finest craftsmanship available in American made automatic knives. Each piece of blade art is crafted from solid bars of 6al4V titanium. The 6al4V titanium is precision machined, hand sealed and mirror polished to perfection. Great variety of anodized colors, blade finishes, and inlay options.


Like Father, Like Son. This is the highly anticipated 3.25" blade version of our popular Godfather automatic knife. Italian Inspiration and American Innovation have created another superior coil spring action auto knife. Like the original 4" blade Godfather, the Godson will be issued in a wide variety of styles and materials.

Custom Godson

Custom Titanium Godsons feature the quality and tremendous strength of aerospace grade Titanium and a level of fit and finish rarely seen. Each of these pieces starts out as solid 6al4V titanium bar stock. The handles are precision machined then completely hand finished. More than six different steps of hand sanding and polishing are needed to bring the titanium to a mirror polish. Inlays of various materials are fit to be seamless with the frame. A variety of blade finishes and Damascus materials are available.

Runt J4

Each Runt J4 comes with a convenient pocket clip on back side. A stylish new addition to our California Legal (-2 inch Blade) Auto Knife Family! Many other variations of this great new knife coming soon.


Classic styling, modern 3D CNC Machining, and unequaled craftsmanship have all come together perfectly for our newest auto knife – THE DON. The frames and inlays for each DON are completely 3D machined, curved and fluted for a completely custom feel. A wide selection of these great new knives will be available throughout the year (different handle colors, inlays, blade finishes, etc). Super smooth coil spring action! Because of the complex machining and amount of detailed hand work involved with the DON, their production will be very limited each year.

Large DON

Incredible FIVE INCH Blade on this fully 3d machined Italian Inspired AUTO Masterpiece!  Integrated with guards in the blade give the DON series a more "old school" look - this new XXL version of the knife is really something to behold.  Even on this large scale piece the famous Pro-Tech SNAP is executed beautifully every time you push the button.  This beautiful new piece will be available in a wide variety of inlays, custom options, etc.  Pro-Tech is proud to offer this new knife - there is really nothing else like it available from any other knife company.


Each Defiance d/a knife is fitted with a DLC black coated pocket clip for tip down pocket carry. Handles are t6-6061 aircraft aluminum with various color G-10 inlays. EXCLUSIVE new patented double action mechanism. Totally covert and only available from Pro-Tech! New Defiance Double Action can be folded open with thumb stud for super smooth one hand opening - or press the front corner of the inlay (the inlay will flex and with enough force push the hidden button underneath) and SNAP - Excellent leaf spring auto action! Look for more variations coming soon!

Brend Auto #1 (large)

Large Brend Auto. 5" Blade Auto and we mean large! Super Automatic Knife with Walter Brend's famous "Model 1" Blade Shape.

Brend Auto #2 (small)

Small Brend Auto. 2.9" Blade Auto perfect Pocket Knife. Super Automatic Knife with Walter Brend's famous "Model 1" Blade Shape in a small package.

Brend Auto #3 (medium)

This mid size piece is the perfect companion to our Brend #1 (Large) and Brend #2 (Small) Auto knife series. Available in a great many variations, the Medium Brend Auto is a great new addition to our line of knives. Super slender, lightweight, and awesome 3.75” Brend designed blade = cutting power! Each Brend #3 Auto is fitted with a stainless pocket clip for tip up carry. Hold on tight, this one has INCREDIBLE Coil Spring Action!

Our First Butterfly Style Knife

The FlyFather

After a couple of years of prompting from one of our best dealers - we have created our first Butterfly Style knife..... The FLYFATHER!

Fixed Blade Knives

Rockeye Fixed Blade

Rockeye Fixed Blade Knives NEW!



SPINDRIFT Fixed Blade Knife


Brend Combat Companion

Brend 1 Combat

Manual Action Knives

TR-4 Manual Action NEW!

NO SPRING IN THIS ONE! Our first button lock manual action folder is now available in the popular TR-4 Design! The thumb stud allows for easy one hand opening and the button only works to lock the blade into the open position.

TR-3 Manual INTEGRITY Folder

After many requests from our customers we have re-invented this fantastic manual action frame-lock folder. Rock solid titanium frame lock version of our popular TR-3 style folder.

Got Integrity?

Custom knife quality at a fantastic production knife price!

Our custom TR-3 Integrity folders are built in very small batches from the highest possible quality materials. Solid titanium frames, custom hardware and thumb studs, the fit and finish is superb! Smooth one hand opening and the solid locking of the .125" titanium frame, even the pocket clips are custom made titanium.