Knife Materials

ProTech Knife MaterialsWe continually strive to make the best quality knives for our customers and will improve upon them whenever possible. This includes changes without notice to materials, finishes, markings of logos or serial numbers, etc. At the time of publishing this catalog our fine materials include the following:

Blade Steel

All of our stainless steel blades are built from 154-CM. This quality American made steel is the perfect blend of strength, hardness, edge retention and ease of future sharpening. Extra efforts are made through the heat treating process; our custom heat treating process assures even hardness.


The majority of Pro-Tech knife handles are machined from solid bars of T6 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. This provides excellent strength while keeping our knives very light weight.

Black Blades (and our clips too!)

All black finished Pro-Tech Blades and pocket clips are coated with Tungsten DLC (Diamond Like Carbon), the most durable black coating available for stainless steel.

Inlay Materials

Pro-Tech offers a very diverse selection of inlay materials across our line of knives. We have everything from G-10 to Mastodon Tooth. Please keep in mind that our selection of inlay materials will change due to availability. Also note that all natural materials (wood, pearl, ivory, tooth, etc.) are unique. Each set of inlays will have its own color and tone; the photographs of inlays on this website and in our printed catalog are examples only.

When ordering a knife with natural handle material, please remember that part of the beauty is that no two are exactly the same:

Godson Model 707 with maple burl wood inlays

Two examples of our Godson Model 707 with maple burl wood inlays. As you can see there is a wide range of color within this inlay option. A sample of very light and very dark maple burl are shown.

Two samples of the custom Godson with Mastodon Tooth inlays. This fantastic inlay material comes through in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Godson Model 707 with maple burl wood inlays