Pro-Tech Knives
Walter Brend Designed "COMBAT COMPANION" - New Model

Length 8.1" / Weight: 4.3oz
Custom Machined various Micarta, G-10, etc.
3.8" / .125 thick. Full Tang Construction - Awesome new S35vn Stainless Steel.

Custom Hardware - each handle is installed with 2 custom machined threaded pins and 4 custom made screws.

Kydex Sheath comes complete with a mini "Tek-Lok" that can me modified to carry the sheath on a belt in many different directions - also included is a paracord covered chain so the knife can be work in neck knife style.

Brend Combat Companion 25012501
Black Micarta handle with Stonewash+Satin finish Blade, Kydex Sheath. $280


Brend Combat Companion 25032503
Black and Tan 2 color G-10 handle, Stonewash+Satin finish Blade, Kydex Sheath.$300


Brend Combat Companion 25052505
Black Micarta handle with Black Blade, Kydex Sheath.$300


Each standard Combat Companion model comes complete with this versitile Kydex Sheath. The sheath is fitted with a mini Tek-Lok clip that can be turned in many different directions to hold the sheath on a belt. Also the Tek-Lok can be removed and the included chain used to carry the knife as a neck knife.

The fit of the Combat Comanion into it's custom Kydex Sheath is intended to be snug - and a Thumb Push Off may be necessary to release the knife from the sheath. As you grip and pull the knife out, use your thumb to push the sheath. This makes the knife very secure in it's sheath and easy and quick to deploy.

Combat Companion Sheath

Limited Edition DAMASCUS

ONLY 18 pieces will be made in this special limited run!

Brend Combat Companion - DAMASCUS

Beautiful Chad Nichols stainless ladder pattern Damascus - Desert Irownwood Inlays - and an incredible custom black leather sheath from GFeller Case Company make an extraordinary combination.

Don't hesitate - we'll be sold out of these very quickly!
$900 Retail.