Pro-Tech Knives

Length 9.25" / Closed Length 5.25" / Weight Approx. 4.1 OZ
Length 5"
154-CM 59RC / 4.25" Long / .125" Thick

FlyFather Knives


After a couple of years of prompting from one of our best dealers - we have created our first Butterfly Style knife..... The FLYFATHER!

The FlyFather pays tribute to our signature Godfather & Godson knife line style and is created out of top of the line materials and is packed with unique features that it will thrill both Pro-Tech collectors and Butterfly knife aficionados.

The handles and latch for the FlyFather are machined from solid titanium bars. At each pivot surface there are tracks machined in and 14 individual balls are lovingly installed. With all 56 ball bearings acting as the pivot surface - the FlyFather is super smooth opening and lock up is like a bank vault solid!

FlyFather - Closed

No Thread Locker! The pivot pin section of the FlyFather features a very excellent system that allows a small set screw opposite of the pivot screw to LOCK IN the tightness without using any locktite or other thread locking material. Simply adjust the main pivot screw to the desired tension and then tighten down the small set screw on the opposite side to hold it into place. This allows for an unlimited amount of adjustment to the opening tension.


The latch on the Titanium Custom FlyFather is a 3D machined masterpiece -all of the extra machining involved in making this curved latch has allowed us to maximize the blade to handle ratio.

FlyFather - Latch

The latch also features a very clever integral latch guard that keeps the sharp edge of the blade from hitting the latch while flipping.

The Titanium handles are Orange Peel finish and will be available in SOLID Blue or the Blue/Silver two tone as shown here.

The FlyFather will be a very limited production item and is currently an exclusive item of for U.S. Distribution.