Pro-Tech Knives
TR-5: Tactical Response 5

Our First Spring Assist! The Power and Speed of an AUTO in a spring assisted mechanism!

The newest of our Tactical Response folder family featuring the new Matthew Lerch designed Titanium Assist mechanism.

A fantastic new design the TR-5 is a smaller version of our popular TR-4. The ergonomics and size of this new knife are perfect for every day carry!

Spring Assist Button Lock

As with spring assist knives in general you have to start the opening with your own force using the thumb stud as shown here:

spring assist

  • Simply push forward the thumb stud once you overcome the bias towards the closed position, the superior coil spring action of a Pro-Tech takes it the rest of the way open.
  • To close the knife push the button to unlock and fold closed.
  • You will feel the resistance as you get close to folding it back into the frame this is normal. Push past that and bring the blade to rest back in the handle. The strong resistance while closing is necessary due to our strong spring action!

7.66 Long / Weight: 3.5 oz
3.3 Long / 1.1 Wide / .125 Thick
4.36 Long / 1.1 Wide / .48 Thick


Packed With Great Features

The TR-5 also has a hardened 416 stainless steel glass breaker/lanyard pass through and discreet deep carry pocket clip.

Tactical Response 5 SA.1TR-5 SA.1
Black Handle, Stonewash Blade, Plain Edge$300 Retail


Tactical Response 5 SA.3TR-5 SA.3
Black Handle, DLC Black Blade, Plain Edge$320 Retail


Shaw Skull Limited Edition

Tactical Response 5 SA.61TR-5 SA.61
Black handle, awesome 2-tone black/satin blade, sterling silver Shaw Skull inlay. Individually serial numbered.